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About Filter 1

For more than twenty-five years, Filter 1 Clean Air Consultants has been designing and manufacturing air filtration systems to meet the needs of industry. As custom specialists, the engineers at Filter 1 have worked to solve unique and challenging industrial requirements, and they have also led the way in developing new product lines in areas where conventional systems have not been adequate or available.

Filter 1 manufactures a complete line of air filtration systems, including dust collectors, containment booths, downdraft tables, air cleaners, and mist collectors. The Filter 1 engineers are constantly customizing products to meet special needs, while also constantly developing their products as they recognize opportunities to implement technological advancements and better equip industries.

Filter 1 has filled an important niche and led the way in developing the following unique products to help industrial and institutional welding shops clear the air of welding smoke, dust, and fume:

The Filter 1 engineers are experts at designing and manufacturing equipment to meet challenging requirements. Our distributors are full-service industrial air cleaning specialists who are experts at applying the right equipment to get the job done.